About Us

Who We Are

Slant Line Media has been founded with the intention to provide high quality and affordable designing services to all the levels of business entities like startup businesses, small business organizations and companies. We have been quite successful in this industry as we employ the best designers.

Since designing is the center of our all services, we have made the teams of designers with specific purposes such as:

  • Business and company logo designers
  • Corporate identity designers
  • Graphics, banner, stationery and business card designers
  • Website designers

Services We Offer

We Are Committed To Bring You Premium Design Solutions

  • Logo Design

  • Stationery Design

  • Illustration

  • Web Design

  • Logos provide an opportunity to an organization, individual, or a campaign to manifest all their aspirations and missions in a picture or an image. A single graphic becomes a point of recognition, promotion, and differentiation and creates a long-lasting impact on the stakeholders and general audience.

    The objective of our logo design services is the provision of affordable custom logo designs through our qualified, competent and skilled logo designers.

  • Your company logo may lose its appeal if it is not fittingly adjusted with your corporate collateral design items, so get professional graphic design services and be unique among the competition.

    Being a complete design studio, we offer professional corporate stationery design as well as personalized business stationery designs. It is the spot where you get a wide-ranging brand package for your company and its further development.

  • Illustrations are a great way to simplify a complex idea and artistic flair with graphic design. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? A good illustration also can move your customers to act on your brand without words needing to force the issue.

    We can create unique, custom illustrations that fit your needs precisely, and that belong exclusively to you.

    Our illustrative expertise spans a wide range of areas:
    Technical drawings, cartoons, process illustrations, instructions and more.

  • Slant Line Media is a professional website design company subjected to comprehending and creating lively and goal-driven custom website designs. Our team of professional website designers are highly committed to providing you with cheap and flawless professional website. We are design company in 100% accordance with your needs.

    We strongly believe in a fact that a winning website design is not merely a product of high-end design structure, but a winning design is the one which not only draws attention of the customers but it also helps to sustain them in the long run and our professional website design company is the perfect option for you. We work on custom designs, we value what is in your wallet and hence we keep it cheap.

Work Process

We Believe In Delivering More Than What's Been Expected From Us


It’s essential that you give us all the information you possibly can about what it is you want to achieve.

If you’re not sure about what design elements will be most appropriate, then a discussion about your business and your clients will help us to focus on what could work best for you. Once we have a good idea of what you need, we can put together a quotation, to include all the elements of design and production.


Once you’ve given us the green light, we’ll start to work on some visuals. We’ll sketch out a number of ideas outlined in the brief and what sort of message the brand needs to convey. After our brainstorming session, we normally end up with a number of ideas which can be worked up into more refined visuals for submission.


With an approved design, we are now able to implement the finished piece across all deliverables, which may include both print and web. Depending on the project and/or media, the materials may often be handed off to a third-party, which includes:

  • Prepress / Printer
  • Media Outlet
  • Launched on the Web

If it’s a web project, instructions and documentation may be required for administrative purposes, as well as Search Engine submission.


There’s nothing more rewarding than turning over a completed project to a happy & satisfied client.

With a solid process in place for completing a design project, we not only establish a closer relationship with our client, but we take a lot of the guesswork away when it comes down to creating something memorable for them.